How to Keep Guests Comfortable at Summer Weddings

How to Keep Guests Comfortable at Summer Weddings

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Avoid Wedding Crashers With Citronella Candles

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Purchase a supply of citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay and away from your guests. Or, consider making your own. Grab gorgeous jars to match your palette and get a little crafty.

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Have Bug Spray on Hand

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Set up a cute station with bug spray to be sure guests are prepared for that golden hour ceremony. The last thing you want are guests swatting mosquitoes while you're saying “I do.”

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Refresh & Hydrate Guests With Cooling Mists


Especially on a hot, sunny day, your guests will need to refresh. DIY a few mister bottles with herbal notes for a quick cool-off. (Find instructions here!)

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Consider a Hydration Station

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Be sure to set up a hydration station that's easily accessible to guests before and after the ceremony and during the reception.

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Dress Up Your Water Bottles

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Grab bottles of water, and dress them up with your program and a cute straw for a creative touch. This is the perfect way to keep guests hydrated while keeping things on schedule.

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Provide Shade With Umbrellas

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Set up large umbrellas for your ceremony and reception to provide shade for your guests. This will be such a welcome addition for those who can't spend a ton of time in direct sunlight.

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Parasols Are Perfect to Beat the Heat

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Grab a collection of cute parasols to offer personal shade for guests-and pretty garden party vibes for your celebration!

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Sunglasses Are an Easy Touch

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Throw in for a bit of shade. Offer sunglasses that match your wedding colors with a cute note attached for when the sun is shining a little too brightly.

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Try Providing Fans

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Place fans on each seat before the ceremony to serve as a cute detail, as well as a useful tool to beat the heat.

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Flip Flops Are a Must

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Give guests a little treat for their dancing feet. Provide flip flops that match your wedding palette for maximum comfort. Let them kick off their heels and hit the dance floor!

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Nights Can Get Cold: Consider Pashminas

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Even summer weddings can get a little chilly in the evening. Make sure your guests are cozy with a supply of cute pashminas or throws.