Husband Surprises Wife of 67 Years With New Engagement Ring

Husband Surprises Wife of 67 Years With New Engagement Ring

What do you do when your wife of 67 years loses her engagement ring? You surprise her with a new one, and make hearts swoon across the nation.

Diane Hawkins told 6 ABC that her mother-the lucky bride in this sweet story-recently fell in the nursing home where she and her husband live in in Illinois. She injured her left hand in the fall and as a result was not able to wear her wedding rings, storing them away in a jewelry box for safe keeping-but the rings went missing.

"But that didn't stop the love this couple has shared for 67 years," Hawkins said.

Hawkins accompanied her father to buy a new engagement ring and wedding band for his longtime missus.

This romantic husband gave his wife the new diamond bling in front of family and friends two days before Christmas, capturing the whole sentimental moment on camera. In the video, you can see the wife opening up the ring box and dropping her jaw drop in disbelief. She, like many proposees, began to cry and planted a kiss on her very clever husband. According to Hawkins, the bride wasn't the only one crying-there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

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With new rings for their 67th anniversary, we can't wait to see what this groom pulls off for 70!