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What Your Groom REALLY Thinks Of Your Wedding Pinterest Board

Ever found yourself wondering what thoughts are running through your groom's mind during the wedding planning process? Even if you haven't, the women at BRIDES certainly have (wait, does he actually care about dahlias vs. peonies?! Unclear.). Thankfully, we've got the guys over at The Plunge to give us some insight into the (often cryptic) inner workings of the soon-to-be-married male brain.
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KhloГ© Kardashian Reveals Amazon Baby Registry

If you look up "over-the-top party" in the dictionary, there's almost certainly a picture of KhloГ© Kardashian's baby shower. The last pregnant KarJenner in the family (at least, that we know of), had the most extravagant baby shower over the weekend. A space in the Bel Air hotel in Los Angeles was converted into a pink wonderland with thousands of pink flowers, a giant pink stuffed giraffe, hundreds of pink balloons, and a pink neon sign that said "Baby Thompson" in Kris Jenner's handwriting.
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How to Find the Right Wedding Dress Silhouette for Your Breasts

Just like your breasts, wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. And what works for one bride may not necessarily work for another. While a lot of finding the one is all about trial and error, there are a few “boob rules” you'll want to follow when trying to track down your perfect fit. 1. Bring the right bra for your bridal salon visits This one is critical!
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